Creative Shooting - Testing the New Lensbaby Sweet 80

Anyone who knows me knows that I love to shoot creatively and that I love the Lensbaby line of lenses and optics. I felt so lucky to be asked to test a new optic last spring - the Sweet 80. This is an optic that can be mounted on their composer pro lens and then tilted and adjusted to find the "sweet spot" of focus. The rest of the image is dreamy and blurred. The Sweet 80 is a great addition to their other sweet spot optics because it has the beautiful compression of a longer lens- great for portraits. I wanted to share some of my favorite images I took while I tested the Sweet 80. 

I love the way this optic works with the light in the below images - creating this dreamy bokeh.


The focal length compresses the background for a beautiful portrait.


The Sweet 80 is not just for portraits though. I used it here for a surreal environmental image. 


When used with beautiful light there is the signature dreamy bokeh. 


I also love that even when you don't have that dreamy light/bokeh effect, with the Sweet 80, a simple portrait is taken to the next level with the creamy blur around the edges. 


Water + the Sweet 80 - very dreamlike


With the tilting ability of the optic, you can have your sweet spot of focus anywhere you choose. 


As you can tell, I really enjoyed the time I spent with the Sweet 80 and will definitely be adding this to my Lensbaby collection! You can preorder yours here: